Comparative and intercultural Philosophy



Comparative and intercultural Philosophy

(LIT Verlag , Sep 11, 2009 – philosophy)

The volume documents the results of the Annual Meeting of the International Institute of Philosophy at the occasion of the WorldCongress of Philosophy 2008 in Seoul. Logically, systematic and methodological differences and comparisons between cultural traditions are analyzed from a multicultural perspective. General challenges of multiculturalism for “world philosophy” are analyzed from ethical and ontological approaches, e.g. of ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy. Historical studies regarding influences and “migrations” of philosophical texts across different cultures as well as religious and human rights debates about tolerance are topical themes. In addition, the question is raised whether logical principles are cross-culturally valid.


 Table of Contents:

  • preface

Hans Lenk


  1. A Freedom-based Understanding of Multiculturalism Commitments

Amartya Sen

  1. Combining Global and Regional Perspectives in and Through Philosophy

William L.McBride

  1. Philosophies as Self-Conciousness of Cultures and Conditions for Intercultural Understanding

Evandro Agazzi

  1. Intercultural Philosophy and the Phenomenon of Migrating Texts and


  1. Multiculturalism and a Transcultural Ethics

In-Suk Cha

  1. Tolerance for Different Cultures and Traditions.Some Remarks on Tolerance

between the Cultures from a Metatheoretical Perspective

Hans Lenk

  1. “Many Forms of Non-public Reason”?Religious Diversity in Liberal


  1. The Impact of Scottish Philosophy on Modern Greek Philosophy via French

Eclecticism. A Study of Intercultural Impacts and Exchanges in the History of Philosophy.

Athanasia Glycofrydi-Leontsini

  1. Chinese Waysof Words from a Comparative Perspective

Christian Wenzel

  1. Intercultural Philsophy: Ancient Greek and Chinese Thought from a Cross-

cultural Perspective

Guido Rappe

  1. Culture in Indian Tradition

Bhuvan Chandei

  1. Logic and Culture. On Universally Valid Laws of Logical Form in

Culturally Determined Differences of Logic

Gregor Paul-Hans Lenk

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