Essays on Intercultural Philosophy

Franz Martin Wimmer: Essays on Intercultural Philosophy. Ed.: Anand Amaladass. (Satya Nilayam Endowment Lectures Series vol. 4). Chennai: Satya Nilayam Publ., 2002. 

Table of Contents:


Is Intercultural Philosophy a New Branch or a New Orientation in Philosophy? (1996)
Introductory remarks
(1) Is there an alternative to a One-Way History of Philosophy?
(2) Transcultural philosophy: the universalistic dream
(3) Is “ethnophilosophy” the way out, or is it a dead end?
(4) Consequences and tasks. The Model of a Polylogue
(1) Unilateral centristic influence:
(2) Unilateral and transitive influence:
(3) Partially bilateral influence: the period of dialogues
(4) Complete bilateral influence: the stage of polylogues
(5) Conclusion

Perspectives of Cultural Identity
1) Retrospective Identity: Traditionalism or The Origin in the Past
2) Prospective Identity. Utopia or: the best is yet to come.
3) Momentive Identity . Evolutionism or Reality as Transition
4) Pluripolar Identity. “Tourism”
5) Repetitive Identity. Metempsychosis or Identity in Reincarnations
Concluding remark

Cultural Centrisms and Tolerance in the Context of Intercultural Philosophy
1. The Dilemma of Culturality of Philosophy
2. Types of Cultural Centrism
2.1 Expansive centrism
2.2 Integrative centrism
2.3 Separative or multiple centrism
2.4 Tentative or transitory centrism
3. Exclusive Centrisms in Action
The example of history
The example of philosophy
4. Tolerance and Beyond

The Role of Philosophy for A Global Culture (1983)
1 What is “a culture”?
2. Plurality of culture and the unity of a future world
2.1 The identity of a culture
2.2 Basic features of a global culture
3. Philosophy and the global culture
3.1 Historical knowledge about philosophy
3.2 Global culture as an object of philosophy

We Are Shifting Borders – the Meaning of Internationality in Academia and Society
The Need for Borders and the Need to Transgress
Objective and Subjective Aspects
Everybody is a centre
Mutuality is a practice, not a mere fact

Paolo Bianchi & Franz M. Wimmer: Universal Homeland or Interculturality as the Life Idea of a Global Culture (1999)
Erotic Relation to the Other
A Sense of Home and Xenophobia
“Where the sun is bright we find black peoples”
Human Obligations Rather Than Human Rights
Nothing is normal
Religions of the Future
Syncretic Thinking

Selected Bibliography
Intercultural Theory and Philosophy
Philosophy of Asia and the Middle East
Philosophy in Africa
Philosophy in Latin America
Selected Sources in the Internet


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